Friday, August 04, 2006

World of Bob

I received an e-mail from Bobbi this morning and I'm happy to say she said she started a blog (without the benefit of a 16 year old son to help expedite things)! That's a great way to pose with the Boy-Girl-Girl combo, by the way, Bob. So her blog name is World of Bob which you should check out. It's also listed on the right hand side here.
She lives in the same town as the singer Bethany Dillon - Bellefontaine - I love the name of that town! She also mentioned to me that her brother-in-law, Leif, is the youngest son of Eugene Peterson. Plus, she is a first cousin to me! I guess she's pretty well connected then.
I was just thinking that if Eugene & Leif had blogs, I would be just 3 blog clicks away from a man that translated the Bible. Wow.
(picture from World of Bob)

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Sister Mary said...

I visited Bobbi's site but could not leave a comment because her blog does not receive anonymous comments. Is she trying to shut-out us non-bloggers. I feel like a lower class of people.