Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cross is Boss


Bridget ran in her second cross country meet today at the Lowell Invitational. She had about a 2 minute improvement in her time over the last race, so she was happy. Before the race, she was very nervous. She says she feels weird when she hears "On your mark ..." because she has 1-1/2 miles to go, there's no turning back, and she thinks in her head, "Here we go." I thought, I know that feeling - when you get pregnant, and you have 9 months ahead of you, and there's no turning back. Edward ran well though not his best today.


jeb said...

sweet mama goo goo joo joo bees! good job bridgett.
bye the bye julia, i see you have fine taste in music with Gillian Welch and Allison K. and in books too. The Chosen is one of my favorites. It has meant a lot to me.

Jewels said...

Yes - I love their music, and The Chosen, too. Have you seen them in concert? Awesome!