Sunday, September 17, 2006

Experiencing People and Culture

This afternoon, we went to the Fiesta Mexicana in downtown GR with friends from church.

laborday 117
Edward, Diana, John & John in front of La Grande Vitesse

“La Grande Vitesse” is the big red sculpture by Alexander Calder which is located on the plaza in the heart of Grand Rapids. It has been the symbol of GR since its creation in 1969 and is a place where individuals and groups of all kinds are welcome to celebrate, regardless of race, religion, creed, or economic, educational or social level; and so, this is where the festivals are.


Usually, before we can go anywhere, John tells Maria that she can go put on an even bigger pair of sunglasses than these if she wants.

laborday 110

Edward takes Third year Spanish and Maria is in Spanish 1. We went to this festival for their extra-curricular cultural activity. They needed to spend 2 hours there and write a report about it. Maria had a very interesting tamale in a corn husk, Edward ate your typical taco, and Bridget had a Steak Gordita. Diana had a(n) Hurache and I was worried when flames began shooting out through her eyes. I had to sample it because I love hot things, and yes, it felt like little tongues of fire were growing in my mouth and getting hotter as they grew. Diana even felt that ice cubes made it worse, but I wasn't so sure. We had trouble identifying the source of the heat, and meanwhile, the air became hot and muggy making us hot on the outside, too. Amidst the music and activity, we talked while the kids walked around, but soon it became evident that John was in need of his Sunday Siesta, and that was the end of our cultural immersion.

laborday 116


Gracie said...

It was rather flaming, wasn't it? Cultural experiences through your eyes make me smile, Julia! Thanks!

Jewels said...

Thanks for coming with us, Gracie!