Saturday, September 16, 2006

Racing Siblings

laborday 109

Bridget ran in her first cross country race today - a 1.5 mile middle school race. The good news is she ran her first mile in 8:30. Then the last 1/2 mile took her about 9 minutes. Her favorite part of the race was when she heard Edward cheering her on!

laborday 106

Edward ran on the reserve team today. They took home a second place trophy out of 14 schools, and he got a medal for 20th out of 204 runners. He threw up at the end, but then the team went out for pizza. He's feeling better now!


Gracie said...

Wow. I celebrate the exercise and the noteworthy achievements, but is the throwing up really worth it?? (or is this just normal??)

Jewels said...

It's normal for him & a lot of other runners!

Bob said...

Way to go, Edward and Bridget! I love it that Bridet's favorite part of the race was hearing Edward cheer for her.

The desire to race even though you know you'll throw up at the end, blows my mind.

Jewels said...


The coach told us to try tums next time. He usually outgrows it by this time in the season though.

Bridget loves any positive attention she can get from Edward!