Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Running in the Rain

I thought I might have an exciting cross country post tonight, but I realized on the way to the meet, I forgot my camera so I will just have to use a thousand or so words to describe it. John, the girls & I drove out somewhere 45 minutes into the boonies and there was no turning back a minute to get it. The race was at a golf course south of town and this one was the grade level invitational, meaning of course, each grade races separately. Edward finished at 19:45, 3rd for the Juniors; not his best time, but it was okay.

We stayed to watch all the races, and when they got to the freshman race, John & I for some reason which will only be known to us in heaven, went for a stroll out near mile marker one as they were running. The clouds were rolling in and it was finally cooling off so I said something like, yay, I haven't had time for my walk yet today, so further away we went. The clouds became such a compellingly beautiful dark grey and the grass was so green and lush and I think I remember the trees swaying in the wind. Then before you could think of a word that rhymes with rain, it felt like we were standing under the Niagra Falls. John gave me the keys to run back to the van, and this I can tell you - I wasn't even thirsty as I ran because the water was dripping off my cheeks right in to my mouth! Soon, they began herding the wandering freshman in to the finish line like little wet chicks, and everyone that was not a freshman was looking for their pile of wet stuff (including backpacks with homework) and moving toward the parking lot where a bus was to come to get them. It was a bit chaotic there for awhile.

After this, the waterlogged cross country team, parents and coaches moved en masse to the Sailor Sports Night where we joined in the potluck and introductions of all the Sailor teams. They are serious about their sports here.

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Bob said...

Great story! Hope you're dried out by now.