Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unplug Yourself

cc 001
Bridget & Maria, the cellphone

Today, we began a series "Unplugged" which I talked about a little here. The girls did a skit with Dylan at our church and Edward did the booming voice of God on the loudspeaker from the back. Dylan was playing video games, Bridget was listening to her ipod and putting on make up, and Maria came walking in dressed as a ringing cell phone. They were having some kind of troubles, but not listening to God because all their circuits were full. Then, Edward's voice came booming with the words of God trying to get through to them. The message was based on Psalm 46 and especially verse 10, "Be Still and know that I am God."


Gracie said...

and u captured it on a film?? jeepers. i'm so sorry i missed it live, but ur pix and the description are fabulous. nice cell phone, maria!

Jewels said...

Yes, my girls did an eye roll when they saw me sitting there with the camera, but I took it inconspicuously without the flash.