Monday, September 25, 2006

Volvo Number 2

cam 013

John came home the other day with the title to this Volvo 240DL - one of my favorite kind of cars! It's so exciting, but it's not for me as I'm still confined to minivan status for the next few (couple?) years. We've been keeping our eyes open for the perfect car for Edward, and this is it seeing as this old model is one of the safest around. When he got his driver's license after his 16th birthday last December, we walked into the house, and I asked him if he would run to the store for me while I got supper ready. His Napolean Dynamite-like reply was: "Maaaaaahhhm, this is not an excuse for you to be lazy." I wish I could convey the voice inflection for you over the computer - it was unforgettable. I just thought after 16 years of driving him around, maybe I was entitled to a bit of a break.

cam 014

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