Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Ever-Bloggable Bridget

Bridget didn't have school today, so I told her if she cleaned her room we would be able to go shopping. Much to my complete surprise, her room was neat as a pin when I came home which illustrates how much she loves to go shopping. I told her on our way to the mall that my 1 gigabyte memory card should be coming FedEx today! I don't remember what exactly she said back to me, I only remember the tone did not relay the same excitement as I had for the memory card. It was more like she was thinking, now why did I take the geek-mom shopping when she doesn't appreciate truly cool clothes?

The good news is this - the hooded brown waffle weave shirt she has been wanting was on sale at Old Navy, and she is wearing it in the picture below in her sparkling clean room.

camera 012


softballqueen0426 said...

i had to skip part of full house to clean it! it all payed of when i went to the mall though!

Grandma Bouman said...

Sounds like it was a good day for both mother and daughter!

Jewels said...

Hi Grandma!