Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Finish Line

camera 012-2

This morning, John ran in the Grand Rapids marathon with 1700 other runners. We saw him at the start, the 11.5 mi, the 14.5 mi. and the finish, 26.2 miles. We also went to church in there for awhile while he was running. He finished in 3:44 which is 3 minutes better than last year in Columbus. It is a beautiful, cool sunny day here in GR, but a bit windy.

This afternoon found us in a somewhat brainless stupor. John was recovering from 26.2 miles with bloody toes, and I was recovering from waking up early and driving to and fro chasing him about the marathon with 3 kids in tow. But as John & I were sitting here in a daze, our TV started displaying this unbelievable hot dog eating contest on ESPN which took place on July 4 in Coney Island, NY. The winner ate 54 hot dogs in 12 minutes for the new world record. The announcers spoke of his athletic ability. After coming to our senses, we listened to our pastor's morning sermon on the web. That was way better.


Marianna said...

Congrats John on improving your time! Looks like you had a beautiful day. Hope you recover quickly.

Bob said...

Very impressive, John...and Julia, too, on the to and fro driving!

Jewels said...

Thanks Marianna & Bobbie!

Anonymous said...

Good Job John!
That is amazing!
Great photo!


AirForceFun said...

How many hot dogs can John eat?

Jewels said...

Thanks Ruth!

Hi AFF - I was actually wondering the same thing, but thankfully, not that many. He was up all night drinking gallons of water, cider, & milk though.