Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Am Turning in to My Mother

This scene moved me to poetry:

cc 002

I looked out the window, and what did I see?
Three different seasons, staring at me.
Fall gold and summer green leaves on the tree,
And snow on the bushes, incidentally.

Okay, I didn't try very hard that time, but I needed to say something about the snow on October 12 and this is what I came up with? This is better:

"Blessed always his blazing glory! All earth brims with his glory." Psalm 72:19


Anonymous said...

Another comment on fall:

When you are reluctant to change....think of the beauty of autumn.

Love ya,


Gracie said...

Hmmm, I said, "Oh Lord, it's absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
But, it's toooo early. Can u make it go away and come back another day??"

Jewels said...

Good one, Ruth.
Amen, Gracie!

Maeghan said...

I do like your poem :)
and picture as well, from someone who has summer all year round ... lol

Jewels said...

Hi Maeghan,

I hear you can get tired of blue sky & sun every day? hmmm

Maeghan said...

yeah ... you can, when it is so so hot and humid. But lately the weather here has been bad - it has been very hazy as a result from forest fires in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

the first two lines of youre poem sounds like something dr. suess would write!