Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rain (Un) Bow

This post is a bit of a stretch, not quite a dud.
PortageInvitational 001
It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.

Here is the thing about Michigan - you can be sweating in the heat and sunshine, and the very next day, shivering in the snow. This past weekend, it was very warm, almost 80, and this afternoon, we went to a Cross Country meet where it was pouring rain and 45 degrees.

PortageInvitational 005

John ran over to the 1 mile mark and saw Edward run by with his shoes untied, hence the rain-un-bow. Bummer. He managed to get a picture with his head on it though. I was under a pavillion at the time, but then I decided to be a sport and I went out in the pouring rain to add my cheering noises to the crowd. Edward finished the race in good time!

When I was walking around sweating last Saturday at the race, someone told me it was supposed to snow later in the week and I said "No way, not when I'm this hot today." But this is Michigan, and it's getting cold, and we just might see that first snow flake on October 12...


Bob said...

I love it when weather gets exciting like this!

Nice work on the "rain-un-bow".

Anonymous said...

i have to study about rainbows in school and im learning some cool things!