Friday, October 27, 2006

Still Running

camera 038-2

Yesterday afternoon, John & I took a drive to the Regional JV Cross Country meet, our last one for the year. The course was rather muddy, but Edward ran it in 19 minutes and came in about 17th place. I was just happy to get the pictures above and below. Now that CC is over, Ed will probably take a couple of weeks off before he begins his winter training. Go Sailors!

camera 037


Maeghan said...

Wow... I really like the picture, the top one. Good shot. Who are The Sailors btw?

Jewels said...

Hi Maeghan,

Thanks. He got his hair cut this weekend, so that's the end of that!

Sailors is the team name for South Christian High School. There is a huge anchor, like 12-15 feet, in front of the school to symbolize being anchored in God's word.