Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some Stuff

The other day, I was looking down at Maria's size 0 pants on the floor and for some reason, I thought I should try them on. It seemed like a good challenge. The good news is I actually got them on and buttoned. They didn't look very good on me though as I was sort of pouring out from them. I did a little teenage dance in the mirror which caused my daughters to cringe when I told them about it.

And as I alluded to before, our kitty is good at mathematics.

kitty 004
He pounces on the right answer.

kitty 005
He looks around smugly after he gets it.


Anonymous said...

such a cute cat!


Jewels said...

So smart, too :)

Bob said...

Way to go, size 0!

Jewels said...

I really couldn't wear them for real though ;)