Friday, November 10, 2006

The Best Day Ever

This is the title of the 24-hour Sponge Bob marathon which is going on right now as I write. Coincidentally, Edward & Maria did not have school today, so they have kind of been watching this show which they used to watch when they were younger. Now if you would happen to hear Edward, Maria & Bridget join in unison to sing the "Best Day Ever", just those 3 words, you might feel really happy inside, especially if you were their mother.

This morning, I saw an interview with some Christian, Jewish & Muslim kids who were asked about heaven. In a simple, yet profound way, one little girl said, "People say heaven is good, but I think God wants us to be good down here and not up there." I thought there was a lot of truth in that, and I hope all would see how He showed us the Way to heaven when He sent His own son Jesus.

Edward & I raked up some leaves this afternoon and this may be the last I say about them till next Spring. I hereby dedicated this pile to all the people I know in Malaysia who do not have a pile of leaves to jump into.

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