Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Walk Much?

Yesterday at work, HR sent out an e-mail that they had 75 more flu shots available for employees, so good luck getting there while they still have them because if they're gone when you get there, you'll just have to wait till they get another batch in. (They didn't really say that last part.) Sharon asked me if I wanted to go get one with her, so I was like all ready for it. We took off. It was only something like 8:02 am in the morning, but we were on a race to go get one of the 75 shots because we have to walk over to an entirely different building on campus. So Sharon takes off, almost in a trot to get there, but really, she is just trying to keep up with me because I always walk fast, or at least that's what she says. Everytime I think of what happened next, I laugh. We were rounding a corner down by Development and I was picking up speed in our little unspoken race, and I forgot that I had my clogs on! Yes, I fell flat on my face. It really didn't hurt at all, but it was just more of a pain to explain that, no really, I was ok.

Today at work, one of my co-workers whose name is Carol told me about her visit to the dog opthamologist. The reason I mention her name is because I often think that if you are named Carol, that pretty much destines you to a life of social work or public administration. Oh wait, I did know one who was a pension analyst like I was. Anyway, one of her dog's irises wasn't working, so the vet prescribed Doggles.

I went to the dentist yesterday, and today, I am prouder than an eight year old to say that I had no cavities.


Maeghan said...

So did you manage to get your flu shot?

Jewels said...

Oh yeah, I guess I forgot the point - I did get a flu shot. I had to practically undress b/c I couldn't roll my sleeve up so I don't know why I forgot that part.