Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cat and Dog

kids 085

Beatrix makes herself at home when she comes with Mom & Dad for a visit. When they roll in our driveway, she gets so excited because she knows where she is! She loves to eat Leo's cat food when she is here - it is such a treat. This time, Leo figured he may as well join in the party, so he ate Beatrix's dog food while Bea was sleeping.

kids 094-1

kids 093
This new delicacy will probably find itself in a regurgitated hump on the carpet which will cause great gagging spasms in my esophagus and stomach.

kids 090
Mom loves her little Beatrix!

kids 086
And Dad found something to do to keep busy. He is working on a bathroom downstairs.


Rebecca said...

thank you for visiting my blog...the storm never came, at least not in the force predicted....thank God.....I see from your profile that you read Anne tooo!

Rebecca said... there a dutch Connection here?

Jewels said...

Hi Rebecca,

Yes, my dad is from the Netherlands - he came to the US when he was 12. We went there a few years ago with my mom & dad for a visit & we loved it! Thanks for coming over.

Rebecca said...

Ha ha ha...I can see it...there are tons of Dutch clues on your site...if you have any Dutch in you you see it right away! I love it!!!!

Jewels said...

Hi Rebecca,

Are you partly Dutch? I noticed you lived there for some time. I wonder where you lived. I'll have to check more of your blog out!

Many Dutch people settled in west Michigan years ago and hence there are city names like Holland, Zeeland, and I think almost 20% of the population has Dutch roots. We belong to the CRC which originated in the Netherlands.
Tot Ziens :)

benjamin said...

I guess my family isn't the only ones that work on the house during holiday weekends. We ended up taking down all of my mothers cupboards from the wall because she got a new fridge that is just a smidgeon too big to fit in the same hole as the old one! So we sanded here, and trimmed there, and finally got it all to fit!

Jewels said...

Hi Ben,

Wow, I'm impressed you did all that. I'm sure she's loving it!

Marianna said...

I love the picture of Leo sneaking Bea's food while she's napping. I hope you didn't have to clean that up later. Hope your visit was great!

Jewels said...

Hi Mar,

I haven't found any ... yet!

benjamin said...

She is loving it, but is having difficulty adjusting. She had the fridge under the stair in the hallway going to the garage. She keeps walking into the hallway to get something out of the fridge, then realizing it's not there! It was funny

benjamin said...
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