Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Photo Booth

bridget 026
bridget 006
bridget 005
bridget 023
bridget 021
bridget 010

I quite often encourage the kids to read or speak with expression. It just makes it all more exciting, you know? Lately, I've been getting a kick out of Bridget's expressive face, so we had a brief photo shoot last night.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to blog about your 2 mile walk with your friend....


Maeghan said...

Picture #1 is Vogue material and picture #2 is classic! Love that one!

Jewels said...

Hi Ruth,

I didn't forget, I just forgot to take a picture and then I didn't know what to say about it... :)

It was fun!

Jewels said...

Hey Maeghan-

Thanks. Julia

Anonymous said...

Saw you raise the famous Julia mug this morning!

have a great day.


Maria said...

I'm in word processing again but i dont have to do today's assignment because I did well on the last one so I just thought I'd leave you a comment

Bob said...

I love the photo booth effect! The sentimental side of me also really likes the idea of capturing the facial expressions that go with the age. It's nice to see a little something beyond "cheese". Really fun expressions!

Jewels said...

Thanks Bobbie,

I always love to see those pictures taken in a photo booth.