Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Queen


HRH, The Queen Mother (aka Mom) & I went to see this movie today and all we can say is wow, we did not want it to end! The Old World clashed with the New, and the Royal family was portrayed as stoic in the face of Princess Diana's death... (we cannot give her a royal funeral, she is not a royal, oh look, my tea has gone cold).

But in what I thought was the highlight of the movie, the Queen who is on holiday in the Scottish Highlands goes out for a drive by herself. She comes face to face with a beautiful 14 point stag and she has tears in her eyes. Then a gun shot sounds and she tells the stag to shew. You cannot help but draw a parallel to Diana's life here.

You definitely empathize with the Queen as being a product of the life she was born into. And then you are proud of her for the way she comes around. Tony Blair also gave her great support in his first days as Prime Minister.

This was the best movie I've seen in a long time!


bridget said...

I went too!

Maeghan said...

Great. I have something to look out for now.