Tuesday, November 07, 2006


camera 004

The other day, the girls were doing this with their feet, and Bridget said, "We're bonding." I took a picture because I thought it was such a unique approach.

They do have the more traditional methods of bonding.

cc 038

And then this morning, before school, they were sitting on the couch together so sweetly.


They are so much fun to have around!


Bob said...

Very sweet! Some days I think we're getting there. I think it will help when Erin's no longer two, but still, my two are also fun to have around.

Maeghan said...

Awww... great pictures. You do go about everyday with your camera, don't you? lol ... now, i must pick up that habit as well. I don't do it enough. Certainly good to be able to capture golden moments like what you are doing :)

God bless!

Jewels said...

Hi Bob-
"My two" sounds like a lot of fun. Yay for b-g-g!!

Jewels said...


It might be kind of hard to carry a camera and Terrien's commentary about you every day.

Good thing for the external hard drive!