Sunday, November 19, 2006

So Not Blue

Today I got a kick out of the headline in the Grand Rapids Press. It said "So Blue."
So waa-waa.

But when we went to church, everyone was in a celebrative mood there. In reality, no one was blue about the big game. There were a ton of people there because Amy was being ordained. Dr. Stan Mast from LaGrave Ave CRC talked about Elijah's cloak. We had lunch together afterwards, and what happened next shows how life in Michigan is about more than the Wolverines. Of course.

I was standing by a couple friends, one from Bolivia and the other from Africa (I'm thinking she is from Zaire, but could be Zimbabwe or Zambia) looking at the 3 big beautiful sheet cakes. One was chocolate with about 1-1/2 inch thick chocolate pudding-like filling, and one was white with the same chocolate filling. Then Martha, from Africa, said something about the chocolate which I was having trouble comprehending, so I said, yes we can get a chocolate fix here as if that is an idea that should cross all cultural boundaries, right? Then I realized she was saying something about bitta which I still didn't understand until Kathya from Bolivia translated it to me in my native American tongue. She said Bitterrrrrr. And that's when they realized they could understand each other's English better than American English. I decided not to ask them if they were at all blue about the Wolverines.


Diana said...

Although not really a maize and blue fan, ( even tho' i can cheer and yell with the best of them), i caught part of the game here in California. And it was a good, close fight which is way better than if one team completely clobbers the other. (Is that how one spells clobbers??)
As expected, sounds like i missed a gr8 time at mcc! Glad Amy was celebrated well!

Jewels said...
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Jewels said...

Glad to hear from you Diana. Yes, it was a good celebration - about 140? people there.
What? Now you're in Calif? Cool.