Friday, November 03, 2006

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!!!

On the eve of the great day, John & I went over to Calvin to see Sense & Sensibility as performed by the Calvin Theater Company. I always get a kick out of watching plays in the Gezon auditorium because you are so close to the stage and the actors. Indeed, at the beginning, the actors sat in various planned empty seats throughout the audience and began talking in their British accents. I tried to break through the personna of Mrs. Dashwood, who sat next to John. She did tell us she was from Estes Park, Colorado, but when I asked her how she got that accent, she said she picked it up when she came to Calvin. I then proceeded to tell this stranger how I had gone hot tubbing today in the snow as if I were the only person ever to have done such a thing.

So as the play went on with the Dashwood sisters developing their love affairs using their prospective degrees of sense and sensibility, I grew exasperated of their growing despair and lament of the failures of their loves and I accidentally let out a big snort. It was past 10:30 pm and I thought it time to go home already.

We finally did make it home, and I was still awake at midnight when it became my actual birthday. I didn't feel any older. As I later told a friend, you are always the same age in your head. Mom & Dad called me in the morning and mom sang Happy Birthday, but Dad said, I'm not going to sing. I said that was okay by me.

I arrived at work to a dark office, and even though we already had a party on Wednesday, I still felt like there were surprises lurking. Sure enough, my office was decked out in signs and balloons and 5 little gift bags with Goobers in them. It was a fun morning with everyone seeming to be having fun on my birthday.

I had an impromptu lunch at Panerra with a friend who e-mailed her birthday wishes. Then the UPS truck dropped off a box with something called an Electric Kettle from my mother. I have to say that this is a bloggable topic in itself, so I will leave it at that for now.

It is almost supper time now and when John gets home, we will continue...


Anonymous said...

You sure have an interesting life!


Jewels said...

Hi Ruth,

Stay tuned for the story of what Johngotmeformybirthday.

Bob said...


My goal is to be as much fun as you are by the time I'm 44!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting to hear what John got you for your birthday!!!

Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting???


Elizabeth von Barron said...

Hi Julianna!
I got the biggest kick out of your reaction to Sense & Sensibility. I'm sure you think it's much ado about nothing! I happened to watch the latest version (filmed in England) in 2005. It was 2 hrs. long and of course, I really get into it! Wasn't it thoughtful of your dear Mother to call and sing Happy Birthday? She's awesome!

Jewels said...

Hi Bob - Glad to hear that!

Dear Miss Von Barron-

Yes, that was so very thoughtful of my dear mother.