Monday, November 13, 2006


Thanksgiving advertisement
Mom & Dad are also coming to GR for Thanksgiving.

Seconds ago, I realized that it will already be Thanksgiving next week, so it is time once again to prepare for the coming of HRH, the Queen Mother. Thanks to Uncle Alan in New Hampshire for the above photo.

P.S. Thanks also to my sister Andrea for serving her country in the Air Force. I was thinking of you on Veteran's Day, Andrea.


Maeghan said...

All the best in your plans. Sorry I could not spend more here as I want to but I am still internet-less. Sigh ... catch up later!

Maeghan said...

spend more time I mean :)

Jewels said...

Bummer Maeghan. Was hoping you'd spend money here. lol Hope your internet is up again soon!

Maeghan said...

Hmm ... your coffee cup up for sale?

yay ... my internet is up again ... at least that is what my husband fed back to me just now - will go back and surf to my heart's content at home later ... but first hafta go for choir rehearsal

Andrea said...

Your Welcome Sister Julia, I will never forget those times in the USAF and am proud to have served. My picture was posted in the lobby at the school and I had to stand up at church. So many Americans really appreciate us veterans.

Jewels said...

Glad you finally stopped by sister andrea 18 days later :)