Friday, November 24, 2006

They Call This Black Friday

This day has been going on for about a week.

It started at 3 am when John asked me if I wanted to go to Best Buy with him. I have never been one for the early-bird-day-after-thanksgiving-specials, since I am not an early bird, but there I was wide awake, and I thought it sounded like an adventure. Well. At 4:30 am, we made it to the dark parking lot and saw the long line made up of about 200 yards of people. Some of them had been camping all night. The doors opened at 5:00 am, and it was a most orderly, polite rush. John didn't even trample over anyone.

We were able to get a few good deals, and then we went to Circuit City where we got a couple more. We were driving home as the first hint of sun was making its way over the horizon. I remember myself saying in a monotone, "We have to keep our eyes open for (blank) software", and I thought I sounded like the most boring person on earth when I heard myself say this.

After a scrambled egg & sausage breakfast made by Beverly, we headed out again. This time, Mom, the girls & I headed to the mall for Christmas shopping. I know not why I chose to wear my clogs when I had been awake since 3 am. As we sat there at lunch at Olga's Restaurant, I felt like I had just taken a vicodin.We did a lot of walking and shopping and overall had a delightful day in spite of legs wearied by tottling around on clogs. We came home and made up a recipe about leftover ham which we are waiting to come out of the oven. And I'm still wide awake.


Diana said...

And u say u're not a morning person? impressive!!!

Maeghan said...

Good to know that you have had a good day :) It is the little blessings in life that adds to a lot.

Jewels said...

Hi Diane,

I slept a full 10 hours after that day!

Maeghan, you're right about that!