Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Day and the Journey Home

First of all before I tell about our Christmas Day, I would like to say Happy Birthday to Aunt Michaela! Okay, here we go.

christmas 127 christmas 128
Mom's little dog Beatrix was beat after everyone left Sunday night. You can see a bit of trauma yet in her eyes as Mom held her on Christmas.

christmas 094
She later perched at her spot near the fireplace.

christmas 137
Christmas Day was a day to enjoy peace and fellowship. At noon, we had a Christmas Dinner of smoked turkey and ham, and Red Velvet Cake to celebrate Edward's birthday.

christmas04 093

christmas 151
Grandma gathered the children for "Grandma Thank You Letter Writing School" as she does every year. Some of the younger kids found the address part to be a challenge since it was not an e-mail.

christmas 156
Soon, it was time to head back to Michigan. Back to reality.


Anonymous said...

Julia - I so enjoy being part of your wonderful family through your blog.


We are going to McBain this weekend for the De YOung party.

Andrea, Kevin, Sam and I worked at the bakery two days this week. We sold over 60 banket in 6 hours each day.

See you next year!


Jewels said...

Hi Ruth,

Glad you enjoyed the pics. Have fun in McBain!

Gracie said...

Great photos, as always.
cake picture: good enuf to eat. Fabulous!
back to reality picture heading to Michigan: sadly true in winter, eh?

Jewels said...

Hey Gracie-

It was fun to meet your sister in church today. Hope you had a good visit!