Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve

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christmas 058

We woke up Sunday morning in Celeryville and I must say that I enjoyed looking at Mom's Christmas decorations while I drank my coffee.

christmas 103

At 9:30am we went to the church where I was baptized 44 years ago and where John & I were married over 18 years ago.

christmas 110

After the Christmas Eve Cantata at 6pm, my 3 sisters & their families came over to Mom & Dad's to celebrate.

christmas 108

It was Nephew Sam's turn to read Luke 2.

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christmas 122

The cousins all had fun together - Trey, Tiffany, Edward, Maria, Sam, Hunter, Bridget, Allie & Paige.


Elizabeth said...

Dear Julia,
What an awesome community you grew up in! You are blessed with a wonderful family!

Jewels said...

That is very true, Elizabeth.

Marianna said...

Those little girls just love big cousin Trey, don't they?

Jewels said...

Hi Mar,
Great picture, huh?

Bob said...

Your mom has always had a way with decorations. I vividly remember her Christmas tree with the red lights. As a kid, I thought it was the most beautiful Christmas tree ever!