Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Due Date


December 19 always, always brings to mind the date on which Edward was due to be born 17 years ago. John & I were so excited for him to be born, and then he was 6 days late! I'll never forget when an old lady from church came up to me a week before he was born and told me I was cheating my baby having him be born so close to Christmas as if I had anything to do with it.

So John & I waited and waited and spent a quiet Christmas eve at home alone. We went to the hospital, Joseph and Mary-like, and Edward was born at 12:36 am. The nurses cheered and put a Santa hat on the first Christmas baby of the year. At the parent's luncheon at the hospital, ours was the only baby of 18 babies who was not named Christopher (after Christ or Kris Kringle, I suppose) or Holly or Nicholas.

And now for the 17th year in a row, Edward gets to celebrate his birthday as we celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus, and he is very blessed in that it is an exciting time of year with family all around and double the presents and the promise that no one will ever forget his birthday.


edward said...

Wooo blue, I guess I waited just long enough

Bob said...

You've got the angle on the Christmas birthdays just right. I've always seen it as an exciting time to have a birthday...although it's a hard time to find the time to blog about your birthday.

Six days late...UGH!

Maeghan said...

A Christmas baby - that is so cool. Edward, you will be the second person I know who is born on Christmas. And my friend's name is Noel :)

Jewels said...

Hi Bob- I must go read about your b-day. Glad it is exciting for you.

Hi Meaghan - I thought Noel was your husband?

Maeghan said...

no, no, but he is a good friend.