Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Going Home for Christmas, the 23rd

christmas 039

We strapped up Leo the red-nosed kitty, but he just got mad.

christmas 041

The trip usually takes us 4 hours, but we did it in 3:45 since we were so excited to get there.

christmas 076

Yes, there is such a place.

christmas 160

If you know anything about northern Ohio, you know that it can be very flat and gray and brown in the winter. Despite the monotone driving, I came down with a slight bit of car sickness from trying to read in the car. This was soon cured when I was greeted at my Mom & Dad's house by some color. And a bowl of vegetable soup.

christmas 100

Mom was already getting ready in the kitchen for Christmas eve. Here she is posing with Edward's Red Velvet birthday cake.

christmas 055

We went over to Andrea's for pizza Saturday evening and everyone was there. I only took a picture of Andrea in her kitchen. It was so clean you could have eaten off the floor. I always notice that about Andrea, probably because she was in the military.

christmas 056

More later...


Anonymous said...

Very nice photo journaling, Julia!

Gracie said...

Welcome back! The photo of the door is my favorite.

Jewels said...

Thanks Anon.

Gracie, Sorry the door pic is crooked :(

Maeghan said...

he just got mad.
Maybe a dog would suffer it better!

I won't mind such a place :)

a slight bit of car sickness from trying to read in the car
I used to be able to read in any circumstance but lately I have to be careful.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Jewels said...

You're welcome, Meaghan!