Monday, December 11, 2006

A Photo Essay on Edward Solving the World's Problems

winter 053

winter 054

winter 055

winter 056

winter 057

winter 058

winter 059

winter 060

winter 061

winter 062

winter 063

winter 064

winter 065


Marianna said...

Was he really solving the world's problems or talking to some hot girl on his Xanga?

Maeghan said...

Great pictures! World's problems, eh? He and I need to talk - I've got loads of them that I need to get out of my head...

Jewels said...

Very funny Mar.

Hi Meaghan,
Maybe that was an overstatement...:)

Bob said...

Nice progression. Was he paying attention to you or were those really candid?

Jewels said...

Hi Bob,

He was oblivious to what I was doing until toward the end when I told him and he put his head down.

Gracie said...

jeepers, Ed. It looks like a rough day! Has anyone thanked him for his work??
I'll try to remember next time I see him.

Jewels said...

Thanks, Gracie.