Monday, December 25, 2006


christmas 143-2

christmas 144

christmas 145-2

christmas 146-2

christmas 147-2

christmas 142

We celebrated Edward's birthday today with Opa & Grandma, and Tom & Paula & family. Our Christmas celebration with the whole family was on Christmas eve, but I'll blog about that perhaps tomorrow and maybe longer. It's hard to believe we have a seventeen year old, but then sometimes I feel about 80.


Gracie said...

Good thing you only look about 30!!

Jewels said...

Thanks Gracie. In my head, I'm about 12.

Maeghan said...

Love the pictures!

12 eh? Hmmm ... I am older, I am 21 lolol

Maeghan said...

Happy Birthday Edward!
Apologies for being late though.