Friday, January 26, 2007

Flash Back Friday 3

Today's Flash Back also happens to fall on the 76th birthday of Dr. Don Wilson who taught anthropology at Calvin College. This picture was taken over 25 years ago in Liberia. He taught at Calvin up until last year, and John still runs into him there. Don sends out over 6000 postcards a year for birthdays of friends!

When I was at Calvin, he was my advisor and I remember going to his office to talk - he was so interesting! In 1988, he performed our wedding. He came wearing sandals, and my dad, ever the proper Dutchman, gave him a pair of his own shoes to wear. I don't remember if they were too big or too small - I was on cloud 99 - but it was all very funny.

Today also would have been my Grandma's 94th birthday. She was thrilled to learn that she shared a birthday with Don and they exchanged cards for many years.


Gracie said...

aren't those glasses great? Such a time revealer. The sweet girl is adorable!

Jewels said...

Gracie - Those shades are so 70's, man.