Friday, February 02, 2007

Flash Back Friday 4

sequoia 001
This was taken during the previous century (1998) at Sequoia National Park. Those 3 kids at the foot of the trees are Edward, Maria & Bridget.

Sequoia trees are so amazing! The kids must be holding cones from another tree because sequoia trees have smaller cones.


pearlie said...

My first word was "Wow" as in "they are so little" - not in relation to the trees because I saw the second photo first - only in relation to the trees when I saw the first one - whoa - I must go see these trees one day, awesome.

Neway, my second word was "Wow" as in "such huge pine cones!!" haha - those I have seen are so small I can hide them in my hands and nobody will know.

Great pictures!

Jewels said...

Hi Pearlie-

They truly are an awesome sight - what an awesome Creator we have!

Jewels said...

Pearlie - Uh, what is Neway?

Jewels said...

Oh, it means anyway...duh.

pearlie said...


RoadCrosser said...

These trees are so big;
They could attract more than one pig.
And the pine cones, so giant;
It could be wanted by a client.

Like it? I made it myself. Funny isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures but wrong pine cones. It's very sad that people visit such amazing places and do not research its environment. The pine cones the kids are holding are from the Sugar Pine absolutely not from the giant sequoia. Both trees grow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The giant sequoia actually have some of the smallest pine cones in the Sierra Nevada mountains about the size of an infant's hand. Next time instead of posting wrongful information on the net do your research.