Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Blog!

It's hard to believe - Kingdom Jewels is 1 year old today and this is post # 336. I felt like I was posting every day, but evidentally, I wasn't. The first post wasn't very funny, so here's one to make up for it. This picture was taken by one of my kids about 5 years ago when I weighed about 93 pounds and wore glasses.

This is not a self-portrait.


pearlie said...

And mine is coming up in less than 2 weeks!

93lbs??! I am glad you have put on some weight :) ... well, come to think of it, so have I compared to 5 years ago, wish I hadn't :(

Jewels said...

Hi Pealie - You will probably do something meaningful on your anniversary - I can't believe I did something dumb!

Jewels said...

Why do I always say "Pealie"?

Annette Selden said...


I'm glad you're so much healthier now! Your family must be happy about that too! Happy anniversary!

Gracie said...

Happy birthday, er anniversary, or blogversary or whatever is most appropriate. I think posting 336 times is amazing!!!