Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have You Ever Wondered What is on Dutch TV?

My parents just returned from a trip to the Netherlands where Dad was filmed by a TV station in Groningen for a TV show about his family's emigration from Holland in 1952. Dad was followed by a TV camera for 3 days - they shot hours of footage which will be condensed into a 30 minute program (in Dutch). In the following pictures Mom sent me, I was thrilled to see the places which John & I visited with Mom & Dad in 2003:

Holland Radio Noord 2007 088a
The Christian Reformed Church in Bedum. Dad is talking about the 1944 split in the church.

Holland Radio Noord 2007 075
Top of the dike at Noordpoulderzijl. It is very windy and scenic up there. That is a mighty tall Dutch lady there seeing as Dad is about 6 foot!

Holland Radio Noord 2007 048
Dad is being interviewed in front of the car dealership in Bedum which his father owned. He is next to his cousin Aaf whose father took over the dealership in 1952

Holland Radio Noord 2007 030
Candlelit breakfast at the B&B where they stayed.


pearlie said...

Wow. How did it come about? Did you all know that he will be featured before they went?

Dad was followed by a TV camera for 3 days - they shot hours of footage
Must be tiring as well.

Jewels said...

Hi Pearlie,

Yes, the TV station arranged for them to come over. During their last visit, a cousin set up a radio interview which went so well that they wanted to do a TV show. It would be tiring, but fun - Dad said it was all impromptu, ie. he didn't know what they were going to ask him beforehand.