Sunday, February 18, 2007


Yay! I couldn't wait to push that ugly picture from yesterday down the blog. I am happy to present these lovelies from last evening:

me 030

Maria went to the Homecoming dance at South Christian with some of her friends. A father of one of her friend's prepared and served them a lovely supper of chicken cordon bleu with candlelight. I made them cheesecake and stopped over to take a few pictures.

me 034

Edward also went - I loved his style of going to the dance which started at 8 pm. At about 8:15 pm, after working all day, he said to us while I.M.-ing his friends, I wonder how long that thing goes... So I quick got him together a shirt and tie and shoes and pants he could wear, and he took off to meet, I think, the friends he had been I.M.-ing. Just before midnight as I was falling asleep, I listened to their happy sounds coming home.

me 041 me 043


Annette Selden said...

And thus the difference between boys and girls going to Homecoming. The girls start planning their dress in September when school starts, spend a couple of hours on hair and makeup, and plan the event weeks in advance. I so like Edward's approach! So much less stressful!

Jewels said...

Me too, Annette.

pearlie said...

So I quick got him together a shirt and tie and shoes and pants he could wear

It's nice to know that I will still be able to do that at least for the next 10 years!!

Jewels said...

Pearlie- But you better watch it, you could end up doing it for 20 + more years! ;)

pearlie said...

I don't mind! haha! But I think his wife would!!