Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Heart You

This post is dedicated to my e-relationship world: I wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day and wish you a fun celebration with your real people! To those who live at the intersection of my e-world and real world, I also wish you a happy Valentine's Day.

John, who hopefully won't read this before he gets home, is going to get a new shirt and tie from me!!! It's a necessary evil for him, as in, I can always use work clothes, arg! Edward, Maria & Bridget were excited when I gave them conversation hearts and valentine-themed Nerd candy this morning. When John asked me what I wanted, I said ,"How about a 500 gigger?" Does anyone even know what that means?


bridget said...

I am the one who made up the gigger
I had a good v-day. I cant believe
Alex v. and I were picked to go down the tunnel fo love together!
out of all the people who signed
Happy v-day!

Annette Selden said...

Awwww, Julia! I'm going to have to add you and John to my list--except you aren't fictional (see my post). Maybe next year I'll list my favorite real couples.