Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stir Crazy

So, it's probably time for some cat pictures. This has been a very cold winter, and because of that, Leo hasn't been able to stay outside very long. Just this morning, he woke us up meowing at 4:30am. John got up twice to let him out and each time he just looked outside to see if the snow had somehow disappeared overnight. Five minutes later, he meowed and I got up to let him out. But the snow was still there. Five minutes later, John got up and tossed him out.

jan 003 jan 010
He loves to be right there in the morning when we are trying to get ready.

jan 016
This is the ledge 10 feet above the ground where he likes to chase his tail.

edward maria 005
It's always exciting to watch the water swirl down.

edward maria 006
He loves how Maria's notebook matches his eyes....

edward maria 008
...he just wishes Maria would pay more attention to him than Church History.


Anonymous said...

so cute, Julia.
Luther does the same thing at our house.


Elizabeth said...

Leo just tries to hang right in there doesn't he? He's saying, "Hey, look at me! Pay attention!" He photographs so well. What a handsome cat!

Jewels said...

Elizabeth- Yes, he's 3/4 dutch!

Annette Selden said...

I understand, Leo. I keep looking outside hoping the same thing.

pearlie said...

Ooooh, I love the 2 pix of his green eyes, lovely!

Jewels said...

Thanks Pearlie - I love when those kinds of things pop up!

RoadCrosser said...

I wonder how Leo's eyes can match Maria's notebook? Or Church History?