Monday, February 05, 2007

Winter Wonderland

blizzard 003
The size of the kid to the size of the snowman is inversely proportional. ie. When the kids were little, their snowmen were much bigger. This is a good use for those mini carrots.

I think our house looks like a blue & white gingerbread house under the snow.

These next 4 pictures are of that cool drift on the front of our roof. If you can't tell, I will tell you: I find it very fascinating.

blizzard 012

blizzard 008
blizzard 009 blizzard 006

This morning, as I rode to work, our car thermometer said -5. I don't remember ever seeing the negative sign on that thermometer, so this I also found fascinating. The kids had another snow day today.


Annette Selden said...

At least your kids still make snowmen!

pearlie said...

Question: the roof must be strong enough under the strain of the weight, yes?

Jewels said...

Annette: True.

Pearlie - I hope so :)
Actually, it will be fine now, but I know sometimes people use roof rakes if the snow gets really heavy, but we have never needed to do this.

Elizabeth said...

Your pictures are awesome and it's hard to think of global warming isn't it?

Jewels said...

Elizabeth- It's too cold right now.

RoadCrosser said...

Now just look at that snowman;
Don't fry it in a pan.
That looks like a gingerbread house;
Now what about the mouse?