Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wolverine Spirit

The cable guy came and fixed our connection outside, but the next day, it didn't work again! But life goes on...

I have always remained a faithful Ohio State Buckeye fan even though I have lived in the land of the Michigan Wolverines for 26 years. Yet somehow, these kids that come out of my womb are popping out as little wolverines. Yesterday at Bridget's school, they had the "Great Divide" where you have to dress up for either Michigan or Michigan State, whichever is your team. Bridget LOVES any opportunity to dress up and show spirit. She won the award for the Best Wolverine in her whole class! Her hair was sprayed blue, but this is the end of the day.

feb27 013 copy

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Gracie said...

Go Blue!! (Altho' really, not being an original michigander, i don't much care.) But I love Bridget's "do."