Monday, March 19, 2007

Bike Riding in the Netherlands

Late Saturday afternoon, Mom & Dad came up from Celeryville so we could scan over 40 pictures and send them to the person in the Netherlands who is producing a TV program about the family's immigration to the US. They are very interested in them because so few people had cameras back then. These pictures make me kind of sad for some reason, but I'm glad they are on my external hard drive now! :)

This is a good one that shows Oma riding her bike with Dad when he was a baby.

Baby Koos 1b


Anonymous said...

wow -

nice picture.

I was anticipating more pictures, though.

Maybe you'll have to pick a day to be Netherlands day like you have Flashback Friday.


Jewels said...

Not a bad idea, Ruth, but no days of the week start with N!

Anonymous said...

Ancestry Saturday?

Lineage Monday?

Origin Wednesday?

I'll keep thinking.....


Elizabeth said...

I love this picture! When I walk the streets of Bedum, I remember that Oma walked these same streets as a young girl, a bride and later a mother. Now I realize how much she gave up to come to America.

Jewels said...

I guess she gained us though, Elizabeth.