Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great Expectation

John, I mean Clark Griswald, is on his way to Washington DC this afternoon for a conference, so we are on our own for a few days. The girls and I headed down to our church for an afternoon baby shower. This dear girl, Katya, was so excited when she told us she was about 1 week pregnant, so this baby seems like a long time coming. She is from Bolivia originally, and so she doesn't have her family around. She does have her husband's family though and duh, her church family.

mar8 017
She knows it's a girl.

mar8 016
Maria & Bridget enjoyed the games at the first baby shower they had ever been to.... We felt 20 brown paper bags of baby stuff and had to guess what was in them. After awhile, everything felt either like a rubber bouncy thing or a baby washcloth. None of them turned out to be either of these.


John said...

On Wed. after the conference ends, I'm thinking about taking a short side trip. Just a short 125 miles north of DC they have the largest roll of duck tape in North America on display.

Sorry you could not be there.


John said...

I meant duct tape.

pearlie said...

She's glowing :)

Jewels said...

John - Is duct tape really worth it? Now duck tape would be a whole different thing.

Jewels said...

Pearlie - Now that you mention it...