Sunday, March 04, 2007

Remembering Oma

My sister Marianna reminded me that our dear Oma died 4 years ago today. I wrote about her in a post last year on what would have been her 90th birthday, but since we could never say enough about her, here's another one! We used to love to go visit her down in Florida where she would go to Publix every day to make sure we had enough mint chip ice cream or cheetos or donut holes or whatever.
feb27 002
Oma & I on the trip where she reminded John that I was only 1/2 Dutch, 1988. You can tell she loved me anyway. She was always after me to gain weight - but look! I am gigantic compared to her!

The church with the leaning tower in Bedum of the Netherlands where Oma used to run by as as a little girl because she thought it was going to fall over on her.

feb27 001
The cute little tile-roofed house in Bedum where she lived.


Marianna said...

Thanks Julia, I love the picture of you and Oma. It brings back so many memories of our trips down to Florida.

Jewels said...

Thanks, Mar! Those were fun times!

RoadCrosser said...

When you typed "Oma used to run by as as a little girl" you made a grammar mistake! It should not be "run by as as a little girl" but "run by as a little girl" You added an extra as beside the original as

Jewels said...

Good spotting there, Roadcrosser!