Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Family Doors

Mom & Dad are on a Dutch TV program on RTV Noord. If you click on "Groninger voor het Leven", you can watch it. (Look for 18.32 on April 11) . I liked the part when Mom & Dad were standing in front of Dad's old house in Bedum and Mom said that this front door is like the one on the house where she grew up and when Dad came to the US and saw her door, he thought there might be someone there for him. It was also exciting to see the picture of our whole family which aired on Dutch TV yesterday. It's all in Dutch except for when Mom talks - then there are Dutch subtitles!

door door2
Left: Dad's door.............Right: Mom's door


Anonymous said...

just watched it -
loved it -

beautiful video!

how nice to have your heritage on tape.


Jewels said...

Thanks Ruth, It's a pretty cool thing. How's it going?

pearlie said...

One of my favourite photo themes :)
I will try to catch the video when home this evening. Catch up later!

Jewels said...

Yes Pearlie- Books and doors, do you need more? :)