Friday, April 13, 2007

Flash Back Friday 14

Mom & I, 2003, Flower Market in the Streets of Amsterdam


Anonymous said...

Jewels, you are an early "poster." I was disappointed that I couldn't get your parent's program to run on my apple. I love the dutch market picture. You are such a creative person. And I love your encouragment!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip! I look back on this with fond memories.

pearlie said...

Love the picture! I have been trying to watch the clip on your mom and dad. A great way to capture heritage, history and presence. But I could not completely watch it - connection has been bad lately. Quite interesting to listen to it too. What language it is again? It does sound like English of and on!

Jewels said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm not always early - we were just leaving for the weekend :)
Elizabeth - Yes!!!

Pearlie - It's in Dutch and some of the words are similar.