Monday, April 23, 2007

Racial Profiling and the Math Team

How's that for an interesting title?

Edward had his second practice for the Michigan All-Star Math Team on Saturday. This practice took place at Calvin College which was nice considering the other 3 are over near Detroit. John offered our services to the math department at Calvin for hospitality or whatever we could do.

It was fun! The math department moved in to a brand new building since I had been there, and had recently been re-painted and re-carpeted in some very handsome shades of blue. I was excited to talk to a couple of the math professors about different topics including my experiences since graduating, and also Ed's future college education. A few of the other students showed up from the Detroit area for the practice (6 out of 30-something). John & I decided we better go out looking for stray students.

John went off looking, and I talked to one of the fathers who came originally from China. He told me that what is wrong with American education and society and why they are falling behind in math & science is that they do not get hardship. I think he meant that they do not work hard. Meanwhile, John didn't find anyone. As we were leaving, he stopped an Asian family and asked them if they were looking for the math practice. The answer was no, and John told me this was the third group of people he stopped based solely on their race. The fact is that only 3 or 4 on the team are Caucasian and the rest are Asian. We might be renaming our son Chen, so stay tuned. JK.


Annette Selden said...

I agree with your Chinese friend. They don't get hard work.

Jewels said...

He was a little grumpy.

pearlie said...

Chen eh? lol

Jewels said...

Pearlie, I really have no clue. It could mean "dumb one" for all I know.

pearlie said...

Chen is a Chinese surname transliterated into English. The same Chinese character is also transliterated into Chan and Tan (and more), the latter being my husband's family name.
Chen is good :)

You are almost there about the "dumb one". In cantonese, ch√ľn means stupid but Chen (pronounced Churn) is good ;)

Jewels said...

Thanks for the lesson!