Sunday, April 22, 2007

Two Happy(ness) Thoughts

This weekend, John & I saw the DVD The Pursuit of Happyness. It was inspired by a true story as opposed to based on a true story or even just plain, a true story. In this movie, Will Smith played the lead character who truly worked hard for this fleeting thing called happiness. He endured great hardship to be a success, and when he finally reached his goal, there he was enjoying, for a brief time with his son, happiness.

Today, I read the following in a sermon by Frederick Buechener:
Power, success, happiness, as the world knows them, are his who will fight for them hard enough: but peace and love and joy are only from God. And God is the enemy whom Jacob fought there by the river, of course, and whom in one way or another we all of us fight - God, the beloved enemy. Our enemy because, before giving us everything, He demands of us everything: before giving us life, He demands our lives - our selves, our wills, our treasure.


Annette Selden said...

It was a great movie, and it made me cry (the true test of greatness), but I was left a little empty that happiness seemed to be defined by material success. I love the Buechner quote!

Jewels said...

I think I had a tear in my eye, too