Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dear Alma Mater

heidi 013
Pomp and Circumstance

Today, John, Bridget & I went to the graduation ceremonies of Calvin College downtown at the Van Andel Arena because John's half-sister Heidi was graduating in a class of 900. It was a thrill to witness the ceremony which is just like it was when I graduated. I could sing the whole alma mater by heart after all these years. I wondered why I knew it when John & his sister Susan did not, but I remembered it was because my dad used to sing it when I was younger, and I must have learned it from him. The graduates exited the arena as the band played "For All the Saints" just as in my graduation 22 years ago.

heidi 034
John with his dad, sister, daughter, & half-sister

John's dad flew in to town from LA for the day for the graduation while other family members are staying longer. Heidi will be starting a great job later this summer for KPMG. Oh, in case you're curious:

Calvin, Calvin, sing we all to thee;
To dear Alma Mater we pledge fidelity.
Forever faithful to maroon and gold.
Thy name and honor we ever shall uphold.

Calvin, Calvin, God has been thy guide;
Dear Alma Mater, thy strength He shall provide.
Be loyal ever to the faith of old.
God's name and honor we ever shall uphold.


Alan said...

Whoa! The arena looks as big as "The Whit" - The Whittemore Center at UNH - Calvin must be a big basketball school.


Jewels said...

Calvin is big in basketball, but the graduation was actually downtown at the Van Andel arena.