Monday, May 07, 2007

Not About Tulips

It appeared as if the reason for last weekend was to see the tulips, but that was only a side benefit of the real reason Mom & Dad came. They came for grandparent's day at Bridget's school, Legacy Christian, and Edward & Maria's orchestra concert.
Spring, 2007 021 Spring, 2007 029
Spring, 2007 020

Edward & Maria's concert was on Sunday evening. They stopped for a pose before they left:

Their concert included different music, some beautiful. One especially memorable piece included music from the Pirates of the Carribean, and truly, you could feel the Pirate ships coming over the horizon. The cello section started this one out playing alone, and I get a kick out of watching Edward in the front row. I wish I could see Maria better.

I took this picture from the upper section of the auditorium, and I think it looks like an oil painting. I liked it so much that I wanted to see it with a watercolor filter. Here it is:
the cellos-wc

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