Saturday, May 12, 2007

Riverbank Running

This day in GR could not have been more beautiful. Cool, sunny days are the best. Our whole family headed downtown at 6:55 am for the Fifth Third Riverbank Run where about 14,000 runners participated in the 30th annual event. It takes almost 10 minutes for the runners just to cross the starting line - it is a fantastic sight! John ran in the 25K and Edward in the 5K. John ran for "Partners Worldwide which is an organization my brother-in-law Paul works with to help build businesses in 3rd world countries. I was their photographer and my main task was to take pictures of all their runners wearing these blue shirts, and also the 2 Kenyan runners who were not wearing the shirts because they were under contract with Nike.
morning 008

morning 020
John is excited about something before the race.

Edward came in 44th place out of about 5000 runners in the 5K! It helps that he is well-conditioned for track season.

morning 064
I stood at the finish line waiting for my runners to come in and the couple next to me was talking about someone from Kenya. It was Dr. Primus who is a retired professor from Calvin and his wife. They knew the Kenyans from teaching there for a semester, so they helped me look for them since I had not met them. When I saw Edward headed for the finish line, I said casually, there's my son, he always throws up. Sure enough... :)

morning 092 morning 104
Luke Kibet finishing in 1:21. John finishing at 2:13.


pearlie said...

Great pictures!

Jewels said...

Thanks, Pearlie.