Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Substitute Mother?

heidi 010
Bridget & friends react as I pull out the camera during math class

Yesterday, Bridget's school called in desperate search for a substitute teacher because I used to do it quite often and even though I work now, I'm still down on the list. I told them I could do it if they couldn't find anyone. It turned out that I substituted for Bridget's 6th grade math and history classes. I wondered if she would mind having her mom in middle school.

Bridget told me yesterday not to take my camera in a tone of voice that implied that I should bring my camera. (Mothers understand this tone). So when I pulled it out in the last hour, I think she was kind of excited. I received a bit of feedback from her after school which used the words "best ever" and awesome. So I guess she doesn't need a substitute mother after all!


Annette Selden said...

Looks like you were really cracking the whip, Julia!

Jewels said...

You know me Annette. Whip cracker. Actually, these digital natives aren't too worried about the order of operations lesson - the computer will take care of it for them.

pearlie said...

Substitute mother? no way ... :)

jessica said...

jenny looks weird