Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things That Make Me Happy

**Bridget's Artwork
Spring, 2007 026

** Monday morning at work, Sharon was was standing right by me when I was logging on to my computer and as I was typing in my password, she stuck her nose right over my fingers to see what it was! This makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it.

**Watching Bridget's softball games and Edward's track meet this week under white puffy clouds.

**Bringing 6 Gerberra daisies home from work after we finished up our resource fair.
morning 015

**Taking a quick 1 hour trip to the mall with the girls and finding a dress for Bridget's dress-up dinner at school the day before the dinner. Here she is this morning.
morning 006

**Painted chairs

**Edward's new Varsity letter that he just received for Cross Country last fall - for running a 5K in under 18:35! When John asked him after school if he got anything exciting today, he said, No, not really.
morning 033

Having time to whip up a latte this morning using my mother's recipe.
morning 035

**Comments from my blog readers - even just a hey, I like that, too.


Annette Selden said...

All things to be thankful for, Julia (my theme for the week). Hey!

Jewels said...

Thanks, Annette!

e said...

You have such good taste when I see the list of finer things in life that make you happy!

Elizabeth said...

You have such good taste when I see the list of the finer things in life that make you happy!

pearlie said...

Love your list and it is so nice to see the simple things that make one happy. I must work mine out soon, and yup, books are definitely in the list somewhere! haha

> Love the Vine artwork. And now it got me thinking. Why did Jesus use the vine as the metaphor being a plant that grows and grows and twines here and there. Could it be that the is the vine that goes out to all human and we are the branches which then is to reach out to the people the vine goes to. Wow, powerful metaphor -- I must confirm that and get back to you :)

> About Sharon -- Hahahaha ... I ALWAYS have the urge to do that. Good to know that someone did.

> the kids are the Kingdom of God!

> I totally love the Gerbera picture. Possible for me to get one bigger in size and use as powerpoint template?

> pretty! Green's her favourite colour? I see a lot of green on Bridget lately.

> Chairs - wow ... those are yours?

> "No, not really" hmm ... something Calvin would say too

> Yummm

Jewels said...

Hi Pearlie, Yes, the vine is a powerful metaphor. I found myself contemplating it again b/c she also drew a sun over the vine which results in a mixed metaphor.
We do manage to have a lot of fun at work.
I'll send you the Gerberra daisy picture.
I think green just happened. She likes blue or pink for favorites.
We saw the chairs at the Tulip time - I have always wanted to paint some old chairs like that, but they wouldn't go in my house very well.
Books make me happy, too.